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About the Guest:

Phillip Wylie is a seasoned professional in the cybersecurity field, recognized for his expertise in offensive security and personal branding. With a career marked by actively sharing his insights at conferences like DEF CON, Phillip engages deeply with the community to foster networking and personal growth. As a speaker and advocate, he guides others in diversifying their connections and professional presence, promoting an integrated approach to in-person and online networking.

In this insightful episode featuring Phillip Wylie, listeners gain essential advice on networking and personal branding sculpted from Wylie's rich experience in the cybersecurity industry. Known for his practical guidance and successful engagement strategies with the community, Wylie unpacks the synergistic relationship between virtual and real-world interactions, offering a valuable roadmap for career growth and visibility.

Philip emphasizes the power of diversification in networking efforts, both online and offline. Encouraging professionals to attend various conferences and engage with individuals outside their usual circles, Wylie's approach is about expanding personal networks and opportunities in unexpected places. With a focus on cybersecurity events and how to leverage them for greater impact, he offers unique tips that promise to enrich one's personal brand and career path.

  • Integrate in-person networking with social media to create synergistic personal branding effects.
  • Attend various meetups and conferences, even those outside your usual professional scope, to broaden your network.
  • Utilize social media platforms to announce presence at events and connect with both existing and new contacts.
  • Diversification in social media presence, including experimenting with new platforms or content formats, can lead to unexpected opportunities.
  • The significance of building a personal brand for increased visibility and engagement in your professional field, benefiting both the individual and their associated organizations.
  • "The connections you make in person are so much more powerful than just what you do online."
  • "Getting out there, talking to people when you're at these events is helpful and diversification."
  • "You need to show this is where I'm speaking. These are workshops I'm teaching. These are things I'm doing. So people get to see this guy is a subject matter expert in offensive security."
  • "Work on your personal brand because the day may come you may need to move jobs and you don't want it to all be purely this certain company over here that's not transferable."
  • "I've got so many more followers and subscribers to my podcast and views compared to the audio-only platforms."


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Unleash Your Personal Brand & Master Professional Networking!
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