Maxie Reynolds: From hacker to underwater data center entrepeneur

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About The Guest:Maxie Reynolds is a former offshore oil and gas worker turned entrepreneur. She is the founder and CEO of a company that specializes in placing data centers underwater, reducing cooling costs and carbon emissions. Maxie is also a stuntwoman and has a background in robotics and computer science.

Summary:Maxie Reynolds shares her journey from working offshore in the oil and gas industry to becoming an entrepreneur in the data center industry. She discusses the challenges she faced and the lessons she learned along the way. Maxie explains how her company solves the problem of high cooling costs and carbon emissions by placing data centers underwater. She also addresses misconceptions about the environmental impact of data centers and the importance of sustainability.

Key Takeaways:

  • Maxie Reynolds started her career as an offshore oil and gas worker before transitioning to cybersecurity and eventually founding her own company.
  • Placing data centers underwater reduces cooling costs by 40% and eliminates the need for electrically driven cooling systems.
  • Data centers placed underwater also reduce carbon emissions by 750 tons per megawatt hour of electricity used.
  • Water has a higher specific heat than air, making it a more efficient heat sink and preventing the surrounding water from heating up significantly.
  • Maxie emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the realities of sustainability and finding innovative solutions to address them.


  • "Whatever you want to do as a female, try, go, try, do it, and see how far you get." - Maxie Reynolds
  • "To have a good company, you have to be solving a problem." - Maxie Reynolds
  • "We are reliant on fossil fuel in every single way." - Maxie Reynolds
  • "There's no incentive to use our commodities efficiently." - Maxie Reynolds
  • "Reach out to people that you think are smart, even if they aren't in your circle, and start to find some of the right answers." - Maxie Reynolds

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Maxie Reynolds: From hacker to underwater data center entrepeneur
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