Matt Johansen: Vulnerability and Mental Health in Cybersecurity.

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About the Guest: Matt Johanson, known as Matt J, is a seasoned cybersecurity professional and an active content creator within the industry. With a rich background that spans across various facets of cybersecurity, Matt's expertise ranges from practical experience in offensive security to leadership roles in software security. His journey began with computer programming in high school, followed by a computer science degree and an influential senior seminar focused on cybersecurity, taught by a SANS instructor. Matt's professional career kicked off with engagements in penetration testing, and he eventually played an instrumental role in building WhiteHat Security's threat research team. At present, Matt holds the title of Head of Software Security at Reddit, where he brings his extensive knowledge and experience to the forefront of protecting one of the internet's most significant community platforms.

Episode Summary: In this intriguing episode of The Philip Wylie Show, host Philip Wylie engages in a compelling conversation with cybersecurity connoisseur Matt Johansson. Listeners are drawn into the dialogue as Matt shares the narrative of his origin story, chronicling his early forays into hacker culture, his educational pursuits, and the serendipitous events involving industry notables that shaped his career trajectory. Delving into the intricacies of breaking into and advancing within the AppSec realm, Matt elucidates the accessibility of the field, emphasizing the advantage of readily available learning resources like bug bounty programs and OWASP. Equally crucial, he divulges insights on the evolving landscape of cybersecurity, spotlighting burgeoning areas like threat detection that beckon aspirants.

Key Takeaways: Matt Johansson's foundational cybersecurity experiences were fostered in the '90s through video game system modding and initial programming courses in high school and college. Networking and community involvement at hacker conferences like ShmooCon can yield lifelong professional relationships and career opportunities. AppSec and web app penetration testing present more accessible entry points for breaking into cybersecurity, bolstered by resources such as OWASP and bug bounty programs. Everyone has valuable experiences to share; beginning content creators should start creating and learning publicly, regardless of initial quality perceptions. Open dialogue on mental health is vital within the cybersecurity industry, and it's something Matt J actively promotes through his newsletter Vulnerable You and other content mediums. Notable Quotes: "…really fortunate timing there." — Matt Johansson regarding his introduction to cybersecurity. "There is no, like, you're never going to turn the corner and find the room of adults. Like, you're the adults now." — Matt Johansson on career progression and imposter syndrome. "Look at this. We're, we're not in it. We're, you and I are both in our house right now." — Matt Johansson on the prevalence of remote work affecting the loneliness epidemic. Resources: Vulnerable U Newsletter

Matt Johansen: Vulnerability and Mental Health in Cybersecurity.
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