Mariana Padilla: Building Relationships and Networking in Cybersecurity

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About the Guest:

Mariana Padilla is a cybersecurity professional with a background in marketing and a keen focus on storytelling as a powerful tool. With an unexpected foray into the cybersecurity world, she has found her niche and currently serves as a co-founder, and CEO of a company pioneering in creating an automated demo marketplace for cybersecurity software. She brings a wealth of experience from education and nonprofit sectors, with a mission to bridge the gap between different cybersecurity communities through initiatives like virtual coffee meetings and community events.

Episode Summary:

In this fascinating episode of the Phillip Wylie Show, we delve into the importance of networking and the art of virtual connection in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. Our special guest, Mariana Padilla, shares her journey into the world of cybersecurity, highlighting the unexpected paths that lead to fulfilling careers in the industry. Her innovative approach to networking through 'virtual coffees' underscores the value of building strong professional relationships.

Mariana Padilla emphasizes the critical role of trust and relationship-building in the cybersecurity sector. She narrates her personal networking strategy, which includes initiating 100 virtual meetings in as many days, an effort that significantly expanded her professional network. This approach not only showcases her dedication to connecting with industry professionals but also her entrepreneurial spirit as she ventured into the cybersecurity space with her automated demo marketplace and community events. Her ability to leverage LinkedIn as a networking tool provides listeners with actionable insights on how to navigate and utilize social media effectively for career advancement.

Key Takeaways:

The Power of Networking: Establishing a strong network is key in cybersecurity, and virtual coffees can serve as an innovative and effective method for building connections.

Trusting in Opportunities: Being open to possibilities and stepping out of your comfort zone can lead to unforeseen and valuable relationships within the industry.

Personal Branding Importance: Showcasing personal achievements, like participating in or winning CTF (Capture The Flag) competitions, is crucial for building one's brand and portfolio.

Bridging Industry Gaps: Collaboration between different cybersecurity communities, such as practitioners and executives, is essential.

Utilizing LinkedIn: Engage actively on LinkedIn, not just by posting content but also by participating in discussions and utilizing the platform's diverse features for networking.

Notable Quotes:

"I really think that the common thread with everything that I've done is storytelling."

"One of the things that I learned very early on after joining this industry is that it is very much focused… it operates differently from a lot of industries in terms of it is trust based."

"Every good conversation opens the door to other conversations."

"You have to think about it kind of like sailing. You just have to open up your sails and be willing to be open to the opportunities that come your way."

"The market is continuing to be more and more crowded. They're looking for new ways to show their product and showcase to potential clients and customers how it works."


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Mariana Padilla: Building Relationships and Networking in Cybersecurity
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