Jessie Bolton: Building Your Personal Brand and Networking in Cybersecurity

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About The Guest:
Jesse Bolton is the founder of Bolt Resources, a cyber staffing and recruiting firm that focuses on workforce development and coaching. She is also involved in the North Texas ISSA and is passionate about advocating for the cybersecurity workforce.

Jesse Bolton, founder of Bolt Resources, joins Phillip Wylie on the Phillip Wylie Show to discuss the importance of building a personal brand and networking in the cybersecurity industry. Jesse emphasizes the need for recruiters to go beyond simply matching candidates with job descriptions and instead focus on understanding the individual and their career goals. She also highlights the prevalence of ghost job postings and the importance of transparency in the hiring process. Jesse shares tips for avoiding burnout and retaining employees, including building authentic relationships and providing opportunities for growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • Building a personal brand and networking are essential in the cybersecurity industry.
  • Soft skills, such as communication and self-awareness, are highly valued by hiring managers.
  • Creating a portfolio of projects and sharing them on platforms like GitHub and LinkedIn can help candidates stand out.
  • Employers should focus on building authentic relationships with their employees and providing opportunities for growth to retain talent.


  • "Networking is so important. It's not just about what people can do for you. Try to tap into that authenticity within and just be real." - Jesse Bolton
  • "Your social score, your credibility, and how you treat people are important in the hiring process." - Jesse Bolton
  • "Resumes are a piece of paper. Your social media presence and personal brand can have a bigger impact on your job search." - Jesse Bolton

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Jessie Bolton: Building Your Personal Brand and Networking in Cybersecurity
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