Jakoby's Journey

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About The Guest:
Jakoby is a content creator and hacker with over a decade of experience in the field. He started his journey in hacking at a young age and has since become skilled in various areas, including bad USB and PowerShell. Jakoby is known for his ability to make complex concepts easily digestible for newcomers to the field.

In this episode, Phillip Wylie interviews Jakoby, a content creator and hacker. They discuss Jakoby's hacker origin story, his experience in the content creation space, and the positive impact of a Discord server for content creators. Jakoby shares his passion for educating and helping others, as well as his journey to overcome imposter syndrome. He also talks about his plans to pursue certifications and work in the security field professionally. The conversation highlights the importance of sharing knowledge and the power of positive communities in the industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Joining a positive and supportive community, like the Discord server for content creators, can be incredibly beneficial for learning and growth.
  • Blind spots in our knowledge can be filled by engaging in conversations and learning from others in the community.
  • Overcoming imposter syndrome requires recognizing and accepting the value of your own knowledge and skills.
  • Sharing content that is easily digestible for newcomers can have a significant impact on their learning and understanding.
  • Leveraging social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, can help build a personal brand and create opportunities in the industry.


  • "Everybody needs to hear that you don't have to believe it, but maybe consider that they're telling the truth." - Jakoby
  • "You give this presentation, you give this lecture, you do this demonstration, and you think it's kind of lame, but then someone comes up and tells you, 'Man, I learned a lot from that.'" - Phillip Wylie
  • "If you're constantly getting into Twitter disputes and Twitter fights, that's what the algorithm is going to feed you." - Jakoby
  • "You could be the best at something in the world, but if people don't know who you are, you're still stuck in the manual process of reaching out to people individually." - Jakoby
  • "You put a lot of effort into your projects. You don't halfway do anything, which is awesome to see." - Phillip Wylie

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Jakoby's Journey
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