Importance of Fundamentals and Home Labs with Kevin Apolinario

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About The Guest:
Kevin Apolinario is a cybersecurity professional with a diverse background in IT support and training. He has over 12 years of experience in the restaurant industry, which has helped him develop strong customer service and soft skills. Kevin is also involved with Riosis, an organization that supports Latin individuals in the cybersecurity field. He is passionate about helping others and sharing his knowledge through his YouTube channel and various training programs.

Kevin Apolinario shares his unique career journey, starting from his experience in the restaurant industry to his transition into IT support and cybersecurity. He emphasizes the importance of soft skills and customer service experience in the field. Kevin also discusses the value of creating content and networking to enhance career opportunities. He highlights the significance of building a strong foundation in IT fundamentals and recommends creating a home lab to gain practical experience. Kevin emphasizes the importance of mindset and perseverance in overcoming rejection and securing job opportunities in the IT industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Soft skills gained from customer service experience are valuable in IT and cybersecurity roles.
  • Creating content and networking can enhance career opportunities.
  • Building a strong foundation in IT fundamentals is crucial for success.
  • Creating a home lab can provide practical experience and make candidates stand out.
  • Mindset and perseverance are essential in overcoming rejection and securing job opportunities.


  • "Soft skills are important in IT. You're going to use soft skills and you can leverage that over to it." - Kevin Apolinario
  • "Put yourself out there and see what happens. You never know who's watching you." - Kevin Apolinario
  • "Fundamentals are very important. It's like building a house. You gotta have a strong base." - Kevin Apolinario
  • "Certifications do not guarantee you a job. It just guarantees you an interview." - Kevin Apolinario
  • "Embrace rejection. Keep applying for jobs until someone gives you a chance." - Kevin Apolinario

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Importance of Fundamentals and Home Labs with Kevin Apolinario
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