Cloud-Centric Permission Management: A Conversation with Ron Nissim

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About The Guest:

Ron Nissim is the CEO of Entitle, a company that focuses on permission management and access control. He has a background in cybersecurity and intelligence, having served in the Israel Defense Forces in a cybersecurity role. Ron and his co-founder, Avi, started Entitle to address the need for better permission management in cloud environments.


Ron Nissim, CEO of Entitle, joins Phillip Wylie on The Phillip Wylie Show to discuss the importance of permission management and access control in cybersecurity. Ron shares his background in cybersecurity and intelligence and how he and his co-founder started Entitle to address the gaps in permission management in cloud environments. They discuss the challenges of manual permission management, the need for automation, and the evolving landscape of authentication and access control. Ron also emphasizes the importance of networking and collaboration in the industry.

Key Takeaways:

1. Permission management is a critical aspect of cybersecurity, and the challenges in this area are vast and complex.

2. The traditional approach to permission management is often manual and time-consuming, leading to delays and inefficiencies.

3. Cloud-centric solutions like Entitle offer quick implementation and value, making permission management more accessible and cost-effective.

4. The industry is experiencing a shift in the access management landscape, with a focus on automation and simplification.

5. Collaboration and networking with industry leaders are essential for learning and staying on the cutting edge of permission management.


- "Everyone was starting companies around all this next-gen AI stuff, and the most basic stuff of an admin having too much access is still uncovered." - Ron Nissim

- "The more people have access to more resources, the bigger the risk." - Ron Nissim

- "The tolerance for manual work has gone down significantly. People are always looking to automate themselves out of the manual work." - Ron Nissim

- "The thirst or hunger for companies to be more efficient, especially in these days, to be more efficient, to utilize their manpower in the right way, puts their chips on the right areas, again, just emphasizes the importance of automation." - Ron Nissim

- "The fact that I still have to remember passwords is so 1997." - Ron Nissim

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Cloud-Centric Permission Management: A Conversation with Ron Nissim
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